Top 9 Newsletter Software Tools and Tips on How to Choose the Best One

The Best Newsletter Software Platforms: Engaging and memorable content is an essential component of maintaining the interest of your audience. Choosing the right newsletter software tool is a key part of this... Read more »
RoboDK Launches 'Compact Solution for Integrating Production Robots'

RoboDK Launches ‘Compact Solution for Integrating Production Robots’

RoboDK Introduces Compact Solution for Production Robot Integration – TwinBox Introducing RoboDK TwinBox: RoboDK, a pioneer in robot simulation software, presents TwinBox, its latest solution in production robot programming for automation engineers.... Read more »
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Petrobras and ANYbotics Collaborate to Automate Offshore FPSO Inspections

Petrobras and ANYbotics Collaborate to Automate Offshore FPSO Inspections

Investment and Motives of Petrobras and ANYbotics Collaboration Brazilian multinational corporation Petrobras has recently invested $4 million in six ANYmal X units, robotic devices developed by ANYbotics. This move is geared towards... Read more »
Running the Urlacher at Full Capacity: S19k Pro 115T ASIC Miner Operates on 120V

Running the Urlacher at Full Capacity: S19k Pro 115T ASIC Miner Operates on 120V

The Loki Kit by Pivotal Pleb Tech has introduced a new option for crypto miners looking to run various configurations of Bitmain S19 ASIC miners on 120V power. This means home mining... Read more »

The Dawn of Domestic and Security Robots: A New Era in Robotics

The field of robotics is witnessing a significant leap with the introduction of multi-skilled robots for domestic use. Researchers at New York University have developed a new framework called Dobb-E, designed to... Read more »
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Universal Robots increases UR20 production by 100% due to high demand

Universal Robots, the global leader in collaborative robotics, has announced that it is doubling its production of the UR20 collaborative robot due to high demand. The UR20 has quickly become the top... Read more »

USC presents new robotic system for assessing post-stroke mobility

Robotic System for Assessing Arm Non-Use in Stroke Recovery Researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) have developed a new robotic system to assess a patient's rehabilitation progress after a stroke.... Read more »

CENIT leads the path to autonomous offline programming

CENIT Paves the Way to Autonomous Offline Programming Introduction CENIT has released the latest version of its 3D simulation software, FASTSUITE E2 Release 2023.2, introducing new features and enhancements. The software upgrade... Read more »

LIG Nex1 Eyes Controlling Stake in Ghost Robotics: A Leap Towards Quadruped Military Robots

South Korean defense manufacturer LIG Nex1 plans to acquire a majority stake in Ghost Robotics, a leading developer of quadruped robots for military and industrial applications. In a move that could significantly... Read more »

Robots in the Wild: Navigating the Future of Robotics at UC San Diego’s Annual Forum

Industry and Academia Converge to Discuss Groundbreaking Developments and Real-world Applications of Robotics The eighth annual forum hosted by the UC San Diego Contextual Robotics Institute on November 14, 2023, served as... Read more »