Nanovis Forms Scientific Advisory Board to Advance Nanotechnology in Patient Care

Multi-specialty board to guide Nanovis in harnessing nanotechnology for orthopedic, spinal, and dental applications

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Nanovis, a leading company in nanotechnology surface solutions for orthopedic, spinal, and dental applications, has announced the formation of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Comprising renowned experts in the field, the SAB will play a crucial role in guiding Nanovis' mission to utilize nanotechnology for enhanced patient care. The board's expertise will aid in advancing claims and indications for Nanovis' FDA-designated nanotechnology surface, nanoVIS Ti Surface Technology, as well as strategizing clinical data collection and analysis. This move aims to validate the clinical efficacy of Nanovis' surface technology portfolio, drive innovation, and identify new product applications and markets.

Advancing Technology and Clinical Data Collection

The formation of the Scientific Advisory Board marks a pivotal moment for Nanovis as it seeks to leverage nanotechnology for improved patient outcomes. One of the main objectives of the board is to advance the claims and indications for nanoVIS Ti Surface Technology, which has already been cleared on seven product systems and successfully implanted in thousands of patients. The collective expertise of the board members will be instrumental in driving the technology's acceptance and understanding among the medical community.

Additionally, the SAB will play a vital role in guiding Nanovis' approach to clinical data collection and analysis. By strategizing the collection of clinical data and ensuring its thorough examination, the board will help validate the clinical efficacy of Nanovis' surface technology portfolio. This rigorous approach to data collection will not only aid in identifying the benefits of Nanovis' technologies but also enable the company to present its findings at conferences and in academic journals.

Expertise and Innovation

The Scientific Advisory Board comprises leaders across musculoskeletal specialties, ensuring a multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary approach to guiding Nanovis' initiatives. The board members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, with backgrounds in orthopedic surgery, spine specialty, shoulder and sports medicine, and pre-college and undergraduate studies. This diverse range of perspectives will enable Nanovis to explore new product applications and identify potential new markets.

The board's guidance will be particularly crucial in driving innovation within the field of orthopedic implant technology. By combining their collective expertise with Nanovis' scientific breakthroughs, the company aims to translate these advancements into tangible benefits for surgeons and patients. With the SAB's guidance, Nanovis is well-positioned to break new ground and shape the future of orthopedic implant technology.

Showcasing Nanotechnology at AAHKS

To highlight their FDA-designated nanotechnology surface, Nanovis will be exhibiting at the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) conference in Dallas, Texas. This event provides an opportunity for Nanovis to showcase their nanoVIS Ti Surface Technology to a diverse audience of orthopedic professionals. In conjunction with the AAHKS meeting, board member Dr. C. Lowry Barnes will be hosting an educational event on Nanotechnology in Total Joint Arthroplasty, sponsored by Nanovis. This event will further demonstrate the company's commitment to advancing nanotechnology in the field of orthopedics.

The formation of Nanovis' Scientific Advisory Board represents a significant milestone in the company's mission to harness nanotechnology for enhanced patient care. With a multi-specialty, multi-disciplinary approach, the board will provide invaluable guidance in advancing claims and indications for Nanovis' nanotechnology surface, as well as driving innovation and identifying new markets. By combining their expertise with Nanovis' scientific breakthroughs, the board members will help shape the future of orthopedic implant technology, ensuring that these advancements translate into real-world benefits for surgeons and patients alike.

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