Universal Robots increases UR20 production by 100% due to high demand

Universal Robots, the global leader in collaborative robotics, has announced that it is doubling its production of the UR20 collaborative robot due to high demand. The UR20 has quickly become the top choice for manufacturers needing a long-reach, heavy-payload cobot. The increase in production capacity aims to meet customers' needs more effectively.

Accelerated Production to Meet Demand

The success of the UR20 has prompted Universal Robots to double its production capacity to keep up with demand. The company's president in the Americas, Bryan Bird, expresses excitement over the overwhelming response to the cobot and its impact on the industry. Bird states that the decision to ramp up production ahead of schedule was made to ensure customers can benefit from collaborative automation without delay.

UR20 Benefits and Order Fulfillment

Universal Robots' next-generation UR20 cobot offers an extended reach of 1750 mm and a payload capacity of 20 kg. Its versatility, usability, and small footprint suit various tasks, applications, and environments. Despite the increased production, Universal Robots emphasizes that capacity is still available to fulfill UR20 orders in the fourth quarter. The company urges businesses to promptly submit their cobot orders to encourage manufacturers to take advantage of end-of-year tax incentives.

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Success Stories: Bob's Red Mill and Ornua

Two prominent companies, Bob's Red Mill and Ornua, have already integrated the UR20 into their manufacturing processes, highlighting its success. Bob's Red Mill, a whole grain manufacturer, had been searching for the right solution for palletizing tasks. Upon the release of the UR20, the company found a cobot that met its speed, payload, and reach requirements. The UR20 relieved four operators from their duties and contributed to the company's growth. Ornua Ingredients, a part of Irish Dairy co-operative Ornua, deployed the UR20 for end-of-line palletizing, significantly reducing labor-intensive operations. The cobot's capacity and arm reach perfectly supported their delicate products, increasing consistency and productivity.

Integration and Contacting Universal Robots

Manufacturers interested in integrating the UR20 into their operations are encouraged to contact Universal Robots to discuss their automation needs. The UR20 offers a range of possibilities, and the company is ready to assist businesses in leveraging collaborative automation for optimized operations. (Source: Robotics & Automation News)

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