CENIT leads the path to autonomous offline programming

CENIT Paves the Way to Autonomous Offline Programming


CENIT has released the latest version of its 3D simulation software, FASTSUITE E2 Release 2023.2, introducing new features and enhancements. The software upgrade focuses on three key areas: efficient planning of welding paths, AI-based offline programming, automatic path optimization, and sensor functions for seam identification and tracing. These features aim to promote process optimization and cost-effectiveness in robot welding applications.

Efficient Planning of Welding Paths

The new release of FASTSUITE E2 allows businesses to automate the programming of robot welding operations. Using AI algorithms, the software automatically generates robot paths and analyzes them for any issues. The algorithm then searches for optimal solutions and generates error-free programs, eliminating the need for manual correction and reprogramming. This saves time and money and improves productivity by optimizing the robot's movements during welding operations, reducing overall cycle times.

Automatic Seam Identification and Tracing

FASTSUITE E2 also includes automated seam identification and tracing features, which enhance simulation and programming workflows. These functions enable the automated generation and optimization of robot welding paths, allowing self-adjustments to account for geometry deviations within the components. This reduces the need for manual reworking of the robot cell. By adapting to these deviations, the software ensures reliable welding results without requiring manual intervention.

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The Weld Cockpit

Another critical feature of FASTSUITE E2 is the Weld Cockpit, which enables precise and consistent planning of welding processes. Users can insert welding symbols to define the intended welding path or transfer a welding path directly from a 3D master model. The Weld Cockpit also supports the standardized transfer of tooling information from production drawings to offline programming processes, ensuring consistency and reliability. Automated parameter assignment produces uniform results and better quality, eliminating human misinterpretation of welding symbols and errors in welding path definition. In upcoming releases, CENIT will continue to advance towards autonomous programming and further maximize the benefits of industrial robots.

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