Top 9 Newsletter Software Tools and Tips on How to Choose the Best One

The Best Newsletter Software Platforms:

Engaging and memorable content is an essential component of maintaining the interest of your audience. Choosing the right newsletter software tool is a key part of this process. The tool should allow you to effortlessly design visually appealing and engaging emails that will be delivered directly to your recipient's primary inbox. However, with numerous newsletter platforms available, making a decision can be overwhelming. We have researched and compiled a list of the best nine newsletter software platforms based on user reviews, key features, pricing, and technical support. We have also included some insightful tips to guide you in your decision-making process.

Guidelines in Choosing the Best Newsletter Software:

The choice of the most suitable newsletter platform is subjective and dependent on personal requirements. However, ideal platforms share common features including high email deliverability, a user-friendly email builder, built-in monetization, content creation tools, and dynamic segmentation among others.

High Email Deliverability:

A reliable newsletter tool should ensure a high email deliverability rate, ensuring your newsletters reach the intended recipients. It is important to differentiate between email delivery and email deliverability. Email delivery considers whether the email was accepted and delivered by the receiving mail server, regardless of the specific folder it lands in. On the other hand, email deliverability considers whether the email lands in the recipient’s main inbox.

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Test-before-you-buy capabilities:

The best way to evaluate the suitability of a newsletter platform for your needs is to actually use it. This means choosing platforms that offer not only a limited-time free trial, but a free plan that allows you to explore its features comprehensively.

Easy-to-use Email Builder:

The ideal newsletter software should have a user-friendly email builder that even less technical individuals can use to create high-quality, attractive newsletters.

Built-in Monetization:

Most users create newsletters as part of a broader income-generating strategy. Thus, it's important to choose a platform that supports your specific monetization strategy, whether it's through paid newsletter subscriptions, paid ads, or promoting products or services.

Time-saving Content Creation Tools:

The ideal newsletter platform should feature supportive tools, such as AI writing aids and RSS feeds, which streamline and expedite the content creation process.

List of Top Nine Newsletter Software Platforms:

The following list contains a comprehensive appraisal of nine newsletter platforms that we recommend:

1. [AWeber](#AWeber) 2. [Constant Contact](#ConstantContact) 3. [Mailchimp](#Mailchimp) 4. [MailerLite](#MailerLite) 5. [Flodesk](#Flodesk) 6. [Substack](#Substack) 7. [ActiveCampaign](#ActiveCampaign) 8. [GetResponse](#GetResponse) 9. [ConvertKit](#ConvertKit)


AWeber is highly versatile and is recommended for an array of professionals including content creators, bloggers, coaches, affiliate marketers, and online sellers. It possesses key features such as the universal theme settings, drag-and-drop email builder, dynamic content among others.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is best suited for marketers intending to leverage multiple channels – email, social media, and SMS via a single platform.


Mailchimp is perfect for marketers who appreciate data-driven insights. It offers detailed reporting tools that give real-time insights on your campaigns.


MailerLite is one of the most affordable newsletter platforms available, making it an excellent choice for businesses with tight budgets.


Flodesk is a great choice for businesses with large audiences as they charge a flat monthly fee, regardless of the number of subscribers.


Substack is perfect for influencers and thought leaders looking for a direct way to monetize their audience through paid newsletters.


For enterprises that demand advanced segmentation tools and multi-user editing functionality, ActiveCampaign will be a suitable option.


GetResponse specializes in providing detailed real-time data on key newsletter metrics which is invaluable for data-driven marketers.


ConvertKit is best suited for content creators who require a basic yet effective newsletter tool. Its user-friendly platform is a plus for beginners.


While choosing the best newsletter software hugely depends on individual requirements, in our research we believe AWeber offers a balance of all the features necessary to create engaging and beautiful newsletters. From advanced messaging features to proven deliverability, and user-friendly interfaces, AWeber provides a complete solution for most newsletter needs.

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