Petrobras and ANYbotics Collaborate to Automate Offshore FPSO Inspections

Petrobras and ANYbotics Collaborate to Automate Offshore FPSO Inspections

Investment and Motives of Petrobras and ANYbotics Collaboration

Brazilian multinational corporation Petrobras has recently invested $4 million in six ANYmal X units, robotic devices developed by ANYbotics. This move is geared towards automating offshore inspections and uplifting upstream and downstream value potential. Petrobras and ANYbotics have teamed up to utilize the ANYmal X robotic inspection solution, which is expected to improve safety measures significantly while enhancing productivity in routine tasks. Petrobras aims to qualify ANYmal X as an official inspection solution for its future assets. With the solution offering potential value over the years to come, Petrobras anticipates that the automation of its operational routines, inspections, and asset monitoring capabilities will significantly enhance.

Role and Features of ANYmal X in Offshore FPSO Inspections

Due to its explosive-proof design, ANYmal X, a legged inspection robot solution, is essential in the Oil and gas industry. This feature ensures the robot's safety in hazardous and explosive environments. Set for use on FPSO (floating production storage and offloading) vessels, ANYmal X is believed to perform repetitive and hazardous inspection tasks efficiently. A long-term pilot planned for 2024 aims to improve maintenance procedures by decreasing onboard person-hours necessary for inspections. Furthermore, the pilot seeks to increase the reliability and frequency of inspections and improve inspection data quality.

Operational Capabilities and Previous Experience with ANYmal X

From an operational standpoint, ANYmal X’s multisensory condition monitoring capabilities provide several advantages. These include anomaly detection in assets, 3D mapping for situational awareness, digital twin modeling, and gas leak detection. These features enable operators to deploy their teams quickly and safely when required. In 2022, Petrobras received its first ANYmal (Generation D) and tested the ANYmal X solution on FPSO P-74 in 2023. This was a part of the company's participation in the ANYbotics Early Adopter Program (EAP), which aims to lead innovators in the oil and Chemical industries toward consistent deployment of inspection robots based on end-user needs.

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Impact of ANYmal X on the Oil & Gas and Chemicals Industries

The deployment of ANYmal X, the only explosive-certified legged robot, has significantly shifted the paradigm for asset operators. The introduction of robotic inspections has prompted companies to accelerate their inspection processes. In late 2022, ANYbotics began taking commercial orders for ANYmal X to provide industry-wide access to scalable robotic inspection solutions in the oil, gas, and chemical sectors. Notably, with over 600 ANYmal X robots already reserved, ANYbotics is scaling its production capabilities to meet growing demand.

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