LIG Nex1 Eyes Controlling Stake in Ghost Robotics: A Leap Towards Quadruped Military Robots

South Korean defense manufacturer LIG Nex1 plans to acquire a majority stake in Ghost Robotics, a leading developer of quadruped robots for military and industrial applications.

In a move that could significantly alter the landscape of military robotics, South Korean defense manufacturer LIG Nex1 has announced its intention to acquire a controlling stake in Ghost Robotics. The Philadelphia-based company, known for developing quadruped robots for the U.S. military and industrial customers, welcomes this potential partnership as an opportunity for domestic and international growth. This article delves into the details of this proposed acquisition, its potential implications, and the future of military robotics.

The Ghost Robotics Journey

Ghost Robotics was founded in 2015 by Gavin Kenneally and Avik De, both Ph.D. graduates from the University of Pennsylvania's legged robotics lab. The company has been building Q-UGVs (uncrewed ground vehicles) for specific environments, government, and enterprise uses. The Vision 60 UGV is one of its notable offerings.

The Acquisition Plan

LIG Nex1 plans to spend $143.3 million, which is 60% of the total $240 million deal, reflecting Ghost Robotics' $400 million enterprise valuation. The remaining 40% is expected to be provided by a private equity investor. The acquisition will be conducted through a special-purpose acquisition company.

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The Road Ahead

Ghost Robotics CEO Gavin Kenneally has revealed that the company is negotiating definitive agreements and hopes to close the deal by the second quarter of next year. He also mentioned more news about the company's technologies and market outreach post-acquisition.

Legal Hurdles

Ghost Robotics is embroiled in a patent-infringement lawsuit filed by Boston Dynamics, a Hyundai-owned company. Ghost Robotics has maintained that its systems are based on original research, and the case is still pending.

The Future of Military Robotics

Despite ethical debates, using robots in military and homeland security applications is expected to improve efficiency and save lives. The global market for military robotics is projected to grow from $22.78 billion in 2023 to $31.9 billion by 2028, with a particular demand for ground robots in defense and security applications.

The potential acquisition of Ghost Robotics by LIG Nex1 represents a significant step forward in military robotics. The partnership could provide Ghost Robotics with the resources needed to expand its reach and further develop its technologies. As the global demand for military robotics continues to rise, this acquisition could be a harbinger of a new era in the defense sector, where quadruped robots become an integral part of military and industrial operations. However, the pending lawsuit with Boston Dynamics remains a significant hurdle that could impact the future trajectory of Ghost Robotics.

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