RoboDK Launches ‘Compact Solution for Integrating Production Robots’

RoboDK Launches 'Compact Solution for Integrating Production Robots'

RoboDK Introduces Compact Solution for Production Robot Integration – TwinBox

Introducing RoboDK TwinBox:

RoboDK, a pioneer in robot simulation software, presents TwinBox, its latest solution in production robot programming for automation engineers. Launched in November 2023, TwinBox is a compact system integrating RoboDK software into industrial PCs and small single-board computers or IPCs. This innovative offering can manage varied devices from different manufacturers concurrently in a production environment. Developed in response to customer demands for a more compact and versatile solution dissimilar to traditional computers, TwinBox provides a full suite of features for simple setup and management of robotic systems. TwinBox is a standalone system that can be controlled remotely via a web browser, allowing users to trigger actions and receive a 3D view of their cell from any location. Dmitry Lavygin, software developer at RoboDK, mentions that this new product presents a unique version of RoboDK software tailored explicitly for industrial computers and embedded devices.

RoboDK TwinBox – Key Features and Benefits:

Identifying a gap in the market for efficient solutions in production robot integration, RoboDK conceptualized TwinBox. The compact size of this unit allows for easy installation either beside or within a factory robot's control system, thus saving considerable floor space. TwinBox, with its novel design, which eliminates the need for a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, requires only network interfaces to connect seamlessly with an internal network and a robot control system. The ideology of RoboDK in product development is to leverage tested technologies while innovating new solutions. Consequently, maintaining quality, dependability, and stability is necessary for the company to provide exceptional remote robot programming solutions. TwinBox supports multiple operating systems and hardware architectures and caters to industrial-grade systems such as Nvidia Jetson or Raspberry Pi-based computers.

Increased Flexibility and Swift Integration:

Typically, industrial robot programming solutions are exclusive to a single manufacturer, requiring each robot brand to be separately programmed, which slows down the deployment process. TwinBox, unlike typical solutions, allows users to link multiple robots from various manufacturers into a single integrated system. This key feature significantly speeds up the integration process. RoboDK supports more than 1000 robot models from over 50 brands, and TwinBox's compatibility with this broad range of products ensures users that it would work with virtually any robot model. TwinBox comfortably manages simultaneous connections from diverse devices, including robots and additional devices like external sensors and computer vision cameras.

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Futuristic Integration and Effortless Deployment :

By planning to incorporate TwinBox into the larger RoboDK ecosystem alongside existing solutions like the RoboDK Desktop application and web-based development tools like RoboDK for Web, users could utilize all the features that RoboDK software offers. Samuel Bertrand, software developer lead at RoboDK, indicates that TwinBox, though remotely operable, works identically to the Desktop version of the software. The remote interface allows users to access and control their TwinBox from anywhere globally, providing real-time control of the automation process. RoboDK anticipates that with TwinBox, users can create efficient robotic solutions that can be easily implemented in production environments.

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