Bitaxe Powers MiniBit 1366 and MiniBit 1397 Single-Chip Bitcoin ASIC Home Miners

Introducing the MiniBit 1366 and MiniBit 1397: High Efficiency, Home Bitcoin ASIC Miners

About the MiniBit 1366 and MiniBit 1397

The MiniBit 1366 and MiniBit 1397 are powered by Bitaxe and have been designed especially for those interested in Bitcoin mining and DIY projects. Both devices are based on single Bitmain ASIC chips. The MiniBit 1397 uses the BM1397 chip, capable of achieving a hashrate of up to 400 GH/s and operating at just 15 Watts of power usage. On the other hand, the MiniBit 1366, which uses the BM1366 chip, offers better efficiency, with a hashrate of 550 GH/s at the similarly low power usage level of 15 watts. For those less inclined towards DIY, prebuilt versions of these miners are also available. D-Central has taken these designs a step further with custom 3D-printed S9-like mini cases that give these devices a sleek and stylish appearance, while maintaining simplicity and ease of use for crypto miners.

Key Features and Pricing

The MiniBit 1397 is priced at $148 USD and includes a fully assembled Bitaxe v2.2, a 15 Watt 5V 4A power supply unit, and the Mini-S9 3D-printed shell – ready to be configured and start mining BTC. The MiniBit 1366 has the same features but with a higher hashrate and is available for $170.20 USD. There are also other options available – a regular pre-assembled Bitaxe for $99.90 or a DIY version for $70.30 USD. These high-efficiency Bitcoin miners ship from Canada and are ideal for home miners looking for a less powerful but highly efficient ASIC miner to experiment with.

The Purpose of MiniBit 1366 and MiniBit 1397

The MiniBit 1366 and MiniBit 1397 aren’t designed to be used in large-scale mining farms. Their main purpose is to cater to home miners who wish to explore and experiment with an affordable, yet efficient ASIC miner. ROI or profitability is not a focus for these products as their primary goal is the innovative and educational aspect. These miners also offer standalone operations as they use WiFi for internet connectivity, requiring just a cable for the power supply unit. Being low-power and noiseless, they are perfect for a home environment. You might want to experiment with the cooling fans to make it even more silent, but this is not a necessity.

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The Bitaxe-powered MiniBit 1366 and MiniBit 1397 are designed to be more than just mining devices – they're a fun, educational experience for Bitcoin mining enthusiasts. These “toys” allow users to experiment and learn more about the process in a hands-on, practical way, making them a worthy investment for any cryptocurrency hobbyist.

Protect Your Wealth

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