KLS, a Fork of KASPA (KAS), is Resistant to ASIC: Introducing Karlsen Network

KLS, a Fork of KASPA (KAS), is Resistant to ASIC: Introducing Karlsen Network

Karlsen Network: An ASIC-Resistant Fork of KASPA

About Karlsen Network (KLS)

Launched on November 30th, 2023, Karlsen Network and its associated coin, Karlsen Coin (KLS), is a new crypto project forked from Kaspa (KAS). The primary differentiator of KLS is its use of a modified Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm known as KarlsenHash, designed specifically to prevent KAS ASIC equipment from mining the coin. Due to the ever-evolving nature of new crypto projects, and little to no outside information on Karlsen Network, it's recommended that users install their local wallets and nodes in sandbox environments to protect their digital profiles. The introduction of Karlsen Network sparked a significant amount of interest from crypto miners, as they can quickly mine KLS coins (50 coins per block with 1 second block time) using GPU mining power. The project has yet to announce partnerships with any exchanges, but mining via a local node and wallet is possible.

Support and Compatibility for Karlsen Network Mining

Investors have taken particular interest in pools that are beginning to add support necessary for Karlsen Network mining, such as Herominers. SRBMiner-Multi, a popular crypto mining software, has also added support for mining KLS coins using the newly introduced KarlsenHash algorithm. However, it's worth noting that the software does take a 1% developer fee from all users' mining profits. For those interested in setting up a local Karlsen Network node and creating a local wallet, comprehensive instructions on how to get started with mining are provided by the developers. One key prerequisite is that you'll need to configure the GPU clock, Memory clock, and offset in line with what your GPUs can handle. As a starting point, you can use the same settings you use for mining KAS on your GPUs, such as the ones that typically work well for the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 GPU.

Final Thoughts

While the Karlsen Network offers an interesting proposition for miners who want to diversify their operations, the lack of available information and independent reviews presents a certain level of uncertainty. Therefore, potential investors should exercise due diligence and always treat new projects like KLS with caution. Ensuring the safety of your digital profile by running new systems in a sandbox environment, keeping up-to-date with any updates, and participating in relevant crypto community discussions can be beneficial steps towards understanding this new entrant in the crypto space. Interested users can visit the official Karlsen Network (KLS) project website for more relevant information. As with any investment, take time to study, remain patient, and resist the urge to make hasty decisions. Crypto investments are best thought of as long games; sudden wealth may not necessarily be achievable, and both financial loss and gain remain ever-present possibilities.

Protect Your Wealth
Protect Your Wealth

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