Cyber Monday 2023: A Roundup of the Best Cybersecurity Deals

Unraveling the Most Exciting Discounts on Cybersecurity Tools, Training, and Services

As the world braces for yet another Cyber Monday, the cybersecurity industry is not left behind. From network analysis tools to IT security training courses, a plethora of deals are flooding the market, promising to equip cyber enthusiasts and professionals with the best tools and knowledge at a fraction of the price. This article presents a comprehensive roundup of the most enticing Cyber Monday 2023 deals in the cybersecurity realm.

PortDroid: Network Analysis at Half the Price

PortDroid, a trusted app for all network analysis tasks, offers a 50% discount. Ideal for network administrators, penetration testers, and tech enthusiasts, PortDroid provides an array of essential networking tools. Use the promo code CYBER_2023 to avail of the discount.

7ASecurity: Comprehensive IT Security Training

7ASecurity is offering a 50% discount on any of its IT security training courses. From Android and iOS to Secure Development and security awareness, the courses cater to a wide range of needs. The promo code to use is BFCM50.

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LetsDefend: Simulated Cyber Attack Investigations

LetsDefend is offering a 50% discount on its services, which allow users to gain hands-on experience by investigating real cyber attacks in a simulated Security Operations Center (SOC). Use the promo code BLCKFRDY to take advantage of this offer.

The Safer Internet Project: Penetration Testing Experience

The Safer Internet Project is offering up to 35% off on all memberships. It provides cybersecurity experience through penetration testing projects on real business systems. The discount is applied immediately upon purchase.

AppSecEngineer: AppSec Training for Professionals

AppSecEngineer is offering a 25% discount on Pro Annual Plans and Business Annual Plans. The platform provides interactive and hands-on labs to train security engineers, architects, and developers in AppSec. Use the promo code PUMPKINPIE25 to avail of the discount.

Zero-Point Security: Affordable Red Teaming Knowledge

Zero-Point Security is offering a 20% discount on selected courses. The company aims to make Red Teaming knowledge and skillsets more accessible and affordable. Use the promo code BLACKFRI23 to avail of the discount.

KSEC Labs: Discounted Hacker Hardware and Tools

KSEC Labs is offering a 15% storewide discount. The store sells hacker hardware, red team tools, lock picking, and RFID security items. Use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY15 to avail of the discount.

Practical DevSecOps: Hands-on DevSecOps Training

Practical DevSecOps is offering a 15% discount on all its courses. The platform provides practical DevSecOps concepts, tools, and techniques from industry experts. The discount is applied immediately upon purchase.

iFixit: Curated Tech Bundles at Great Prices

iFixit is offering up to 25% off on its curated bundles. These are perfect for techies, gamers, and anyone looking for unique gifts. The discount is applied immediately upon purchase.

Conclusion: Cyber Monday 2023 presents a golden opportunity for cybersecurity enthusiasts and professionals to acquire top-notch tools and training at discounted prices. From network analysis apps to hands-on cybersecurity training, the deals are varied and exciting. However, potential buyers should remember that while these discounts are enticing, the ultimate value lies in the applicability and relevance of these tools and courses to their specific needs and goals in the cybersecurity realm.

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