Skip4: The Gaming-Focused Ad Agency Leaning into the In-Game Advertising Hype Cycle

Skip4, a new gaming-focused ad agency led by women, aims to educate brands about the untapped potential of in-game advertising and help them reach the vast audience of gamers worldwide.

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In the ever-evolving world of digital advertising, brands are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to connect with their target audiences. One such avenue that has been gaining significant traction in recent years is in-game advertising. With more than 3 billion gamers worldwide, the potential reach and engagement of this medium are undeniable. However, many brands are still hesitant to fully embrace gaming as a marketing channel. Enter Skip4, a groundbreaking ad agency co-founded by President Erin Schendle and VP Rachel Alexander, aiming to bridge the gap between brands and the gaming community.

Expanding the Reach of Gaming Advertising:

Schendle and Alexander, who have extensive experience in media marketing, including partnerships with OpTic Gaming, are well aware of the potential of in-game advertising. They believe that gaming should be an integral part of marketing plans, just like any other digital media channel. With Skip4, they aim to educate brands about the various ways they can effectively reach gamers using targetable and measurable solutions.

Moving Beyond Traditional Sponsorships:

While video game and esports sponsorships have been the go-to strategy for brands looking to tap into the gaming market, Schendle and Alexander recommend thinking beyond these limited options. They advocate for incorporating in-game and mobile ads into media budgets, as they can be bought programmatically and offer highly targeted connections with engaged audiences. The agency believes that brands should view gaming as a valuable channel that deserves a more significant share of their media budgets.

Custom Experiences and Beyond:

In addition to programmatic advertising, Skip4 also advises brands on creating custom in-game experiences. By acting as the connective tissue between brands, game developers, and hosting platforms, the agency helps craft unique and immersive experiences for gamers. While Skip4 plans to build a content studio with in-house game development capabilities in the future, their immediate focus is on expanding their team and building partnerships.

Audience-Agnostic Approach:

Skip4 takes an audience-agnostic approach, tailoring strategies to meet each brand's specific performance or branding goals. While the 17-24 age range is a popular target demographic for brands, the agency emphasizes that gaming offers opportunities to reach a wide range of audiences, including women, parents, and high-income individuals. Schendle and Alexander highlight the importance of educating brands about the diverse gaming audience and dispelling misconceptions about who identifies as a gamer.

Skip4, the gaming-focused ad agency led by women, is on a mission to revolutionize the way brands approach in-game advertising. By educating brands about the untapped potential of gaming as a marketing channel, the agency aims to help them connect with the vast and engaged audience of gamers worldwide. Through a combination of programmatic advertising, custom experiences, and an audience-agnostic approach, Skip4 is poised to lead the charge in bringing gaming into mainstream marketing plans. With their expertise and dedication, they are not only championing the power of gaming but also challenging the perception that gaming is a niche market. As the gaming industry continues to grow, Skip4 is ready to guide brands on their journey to success in the gaming space.

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