Technology Unites Neighboring Electronic Medical Record Systems

UHealth and Jackson Health System collaborate on the ONENESS Research Solution to match patient populations with clinical trial requirements.

UHealth – University of Miami Health System and Jackson Health System have joined forces in a groundbreaking collaboration that integrates their electronic medical record systems (EMR) to create the ONENESS Research Solution. This innovative project allows researchers to analyze large amounts of de-identified patient data, enabling them to match patient populations with specific clinical trial requirements. By combining technology and research, UHealth and Jackson aim to enhance patient care and streamline the process of clinical trials.

The ONENESS System: A Secure Data Feed for Researchers

The ONENESS project seamlessly integrates the EMR systems of UHealth and Jackson Health, providing researchers with a secure file transfer protocol data feed. This integration allows easy access to a wide range of patient data points, including medical conditions, treatments, medications, allergies, and laboratory results. With this comprehensive view of patient history, physician-scientists at UHealth and Jackson can quickly and precisely match patients with cutting-edge clinical trials.

Overcoming Research Challenges

One of the main challenges in conducting research across multiple institutions is determining whether the health systems are an optimal fit for a proposed study. The ONENESS system addresses this challenge by allowing researchers to assess patient populations at both UHealth and Jackson. By evaluating the number of eligible patients, researchers can determine if recruitment goals can be met and if the institutions are suitable for a particular study.

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Efficient Data Mining for Clinical Trial Organization

Accurate patient counts with specific characteristics are crucial for efficiently matching institutions to clinical trials. The ONENESS system casts a wide net across UHealth and Jackson patient records, ensuring a larger sample size while avoiding duplication. This comprehensive approach prevents opening trials that may fall short of recruitment targets. Researchers can quickly and easily mine discrete data fields in the EMR to create viable cohorts for longitudinal studies or secondary analysis.

Improving Community Care

The breadth of data processing and analysis provided by ONENESS allows physicians and researchers to assess and improve the care provided to the community. By querying a large dataset, researchers can explore questions, develop research protocols, and uncover patient care outcomes. The user-friendly interface enables physicians to access specific data quickly, facilitating research and improving patient care.

Re-identification for Follow-up

While ONENESS de-identifies patient data, it also offers a re-identification process for researchers who need to contact patients for further information or to inform them about clinical trial opportunities. This process requires approval and access to complete medical records, including patient identifiers. The system ensures patient privacy while enabling researchers to gather essential study data.

The collaboration between UHealth and Jackson Health System through the ONENESS Research Solution represents a significant advancement in healthcare technology. By integrating their EMR systems, these institutions are revolutionizing how researchers analyze patient data and match patients with clinical trials. The ONENESS system provides a comprehensive view of patient history, streamlines the research process, and improves patient care outcomes. With this innovative solution, UHealth and Jackson are paving the way for more efficient and effective clinical trials, benefiting patients, clinicians, and researchers alike.

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